Ass Twerking Episode! Watch this white girl dance! (What’s my Name: Episode 18)

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In this week’s episode, we’re bring you a whole lot of ass twerking. Try not to get distracted, and see if you can guess the names of these songs! How well d…


Ivan Regalado says:

4:38 hahahaha

matt dasilva says:

2:16 …Your welcome for the laugh :)

Alias Yung says:

goddamn you.

Alex Harley says:

I got trolled

Adam Kingdon says:

These people should learn English

Emmanual Alexander says:

I just got the troll fucked out of me

Belah Snell says:

them hoes was sexy

Jay Bee says:

I want $10,000 from HNHH YouTube!

HotNewGeniuses says:

Mannnnnnnn. : (

HotNewGeniuses says:

4:38 LMAOOOO! That nigga had me dying!!

Firmo Ray Valdez says:

Put whats my name on the title

IamPCGaming says:

damn all these songs suck no wonder no one know them.

Marcus Lakanda says:

You just gotta be kiddin me

Jeffrey Oda says:

“I want $10,000 from HNHH YouTube!”

Jeffrey Oda says:

“I want $10,000 from HNHH YouTube!”

PapaGUnit says:

really? pop that

Knickknack7450 says:

lol allegations

MrPxcJake1 says:

whats the song at the end?

abu sufian says:

I’m only 14 and I know all the songs better than them

savobaby says:

I feel violated

DNate21 says:

LMAO, not cool bro.

ohbabybigboy says:

That old guy… LMFAO

Fiona Jerliu says:

hahahaah damn i love watchin ur videos ! greetings from germany x

aleyo pinzon says:

yeah people give respect not always when its due the song is amazing Oh Btw use this to listen in mp3 >>>

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