Female Twerkin and Booty Clapping In Wal-Mart

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draggonboy1000 says:

clearly a stripper at her night job

Telviontae Nash says:

can a nigga hit please

dgivens1973 says:

Omg thats a phat booty

vanessa alfaro says:

I liky that butt

DestructoPop says:

Haha, I dig her humour. And… Uh… Let’s be honest, she has other assets we’re all appreciating. xD

MrLastarza says:

That is one dumb bitch…

J Will says:

She got no shame. lol

Magnolia Thunderpussy says:

She is giving me LIFE!!! (and I would hit that!)

Killme Knot says:

Naw I twirk on your grandma’s grave. “twirkin by the dead bitch, twirkin by the dead bitch”

DIVA19761000 says:

i don’t want those cakes

DIVA19761000 says:

LOL!!!!!!!! You so crazy!!!!!!!

starbucksghost says:

People in the other aisles must be wondering what the heck is making all that clapping noise.

phillip hooks says:

dats where u twerk at

Kevin Wallace says:

55 haters with no ass

fabio soriano says:


HTxJuggernaut says:

I would totally fuck her big ass

MoorsForPlanetEarth says:


S Zai says:

This made it on tv aint that america by lil duval

jahj316 says:

So fucking lame…really a grown as women….smdh

christophermcbryde says:

Fuck it,…..I’ll eat ya ass OK

IHateKillWhores says:

I’d eat her asshole

FreeDog70 says:


vaper620 says:

I wanna stick her so hard just to feel her twerking on it

LovePeaceTee15 says:

Her chanting tho….

babykatie86 says:

Wow dat kinda weird

Slimjim Jones says:

Good job teaching her how to make that ass clapp.

Kenny Torres says:

Whore Boot Camp

Callum Steve says:

Whore training

Merlin Decoud says:

These hoes have herpes

RenikaW says:


RenikaW says:

Wats goof

mizsiinqkomparable says:

Pinky tawght me!!!

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