Ghetto Brawls – World’s Wildest Street Fights

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Fight in my neighborhood hillbilly and gangster girl go at it and your in for ride when you see this.
Video Rating: 3 / 5


MKL57 says:

What planet do these people come from?

Noah Andujo says:

Is it me or did I just see Queen latifah at 41:15???

Gracie Harris says:


Moon Spider says:

Oh, hold on……….okay, what were you saying?

bayadawdo says:

I mean,my previous reply works the same if you are also a big black dude. ha..ha

bayadawdo says:

I mean,my reply works the same if you are also a big black dude. ha..ha

bayadawdo says:

You are confused and a loser who have nothing valuable thing to do other than sorting out hundreds of youtube videos. Do you have a job? You sound like you are one of those obese white losers who sit all day by the computer and feel alive arguing with other people with their crazy ideas.Are you one of them? ha.ha..BTW,you didn’t waste a minute to reply back to my comment;you are sitting by you computer 24/7. lol No offence,bro,that is the picture you are giving away.

Moon Spider says:

Confused about what, exactly? Don’t post and run away. Elaborate. Tell me where I’m wrong. In the past 2 days I found over 200 videos pf pussy faggot thug niggas ganging up on individuals, and targeting females and the elderly. Everything I wrote was the truth, but there are many blacks who hate the truth when you hold up a mirror to them. Blacks better pray that a race war doesn’t go down.

bayadawdo says:

Bro, you are confused. Take your medication.

Chris Borbon says:

This video sucked. I watched the whole damn thing hoping for a good ghetto knockout and it never happened.

Derben Deuce says:

pause at 1:33 please

subby280 says:

As a upstanding white man with a portfolio, this video really speaks to me. The comments here are really profound and show the US as a great nation of highly educated individuals.

Derben Deuce says:

this is all i remember from the video (. Y .)

Moon Spider says:

@ 7:47 – How most faggot thug niggas fight…like BITCHES! Don’t be afraid, white people, this is what you’re actually dealing with when they’re not in packs.

Moon Spider says:

Most faggot thug niggas gang up on individuals, as well as target females and the elderly. NIGGA is the new FAGGOT, and whites are learning that more every day. You’re sissy cowards fo the most part and we’re not scared anymore. 10 million female NRA members alone, and gun purchases by whites have greatly increased in the past five years, and continues to grow. There has been a lot of black burglaries, rapes, murders and muggings thwarted by whites with carry licenses, and it’s just the start.

bee man says:

makes me learn to be a civilized black dude and not to be like the folks we see in this video.. i guess you the real maafaka huh cuz you can represent your set and act like a retard

bee man says:

agreed men… the retarded culture of our peoples… fucked up that black men aka niggers find this shit as the way to represent cuz you wanna be seen as ‘real’ and ‘down’… wtf is wrong with peoples… am black and am ashamed of this shit… there is a difference between niggers and black folks… 

bee man says:

fucking shame… she is more worried about the baby being injured through trauma but doesnt give a fuck about the baby being born retarded…

bayadawdo says:

Really? Are you from Mars? You are the first person to say that. White man can’t jump and fight.

Rick Jackson says:

There a film white men can’t jump well this shud b called niggggggazzzzz can’t fight

Rick Jackson says:

Not 1 off em have a fight in them, they shud all been showin a noose

Rick Jackson says:

Niggas nigga nigga that’s this vd but hey that’s the us 4 u

Chad Bailiff says:

This whole video is just sad

jazziahhbytch says:

Yhal have so much to say about the “ignorant” people in the video,, but yet yhu watch.. Um guessing that makes yhuuu????

Karmen kam says:


shanice reeves says:

How df they goin to try and call the cops when they was in the wrong

CortezMack1 says:


Jack dawg says:

dum ass fat mexican committed a felony by blocking old lady from the saftey of her home… listen how he acts like he knows what hes talkin about but has no clue,,,bendeckos like him put a bad name for all mexicanos……”we both dead inside”

utubeaccount00 says:

You don’t seem to get it.


Karri Rauch says:

I don’t know what video dude was looking at, but the little hood rat laid hands first. Cops see that, and she’s goin down. Old lady (looks old, but only 6 years older than me lol) knows how to box a little! lol

DisorderlyKnifing says:


Btw, It’s America not america

Ashley Hall says:

They keep saying she’s going to jail noooooo she’s not. They came on her property ass holes lol

candybar2424 says:

That old lady kick her ass, that’s what she get think she was all hard in shit lol.

tweety rawks says:

wow was the cat doped up too

LiLi Lashay says:


Jasmine Hughes says:

fav part of the video is the cat just chillin

Milaniyah Bryant says:

The cat is like: “I’m not going nowhere. I’m too old for this bullshit.”

Milaniyah Bryant says:

The cat is like: “I’m not going nowhere. I’m too old for this bullshit.”

Milaniyah Bryant says:

The cat is like: “I’m not going nowhere. I’m too old for this bullshit.”

Micheal Powell says:

That cat chillin lol

Emily Sora says:

My dog would have attacked that bitch as soon as she laid a finger on me . lol

hughmorus says:

these niggers… she whooped Jessica ass

utubeaccount00 says:


Jason Atkins says:


Jason Atkins says:

hey fat fuck..walk on…48 held her self

snohova says:

nope jessica put hands on first then they was on her property ….jessica didnt do shit old lady rocked dat jaw

Aaron Jefferson says:

Hit her so hard the powder came back out! Lol

Tatiyonna Riddick says:

grandma can fight

mackia gardner says:

that is a weak fight

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