Girl Gets Caught Cheating By Her Boyfriend LMFAO!

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Jami Brasket says:

i woulda got a good shot of her face n said… worldstar.

Yobbo D says:

Fuck two niggas? I’m white and I don’t understand when white guys say that. You look like a damn poser

Alex Brandon says:

Give her Juicy J’s number

wilson felicia says:

Good shyt

TheEricYo says:

should of just been fucking the guy with the cadillac

TheTruLeague says:

These Bitches ain’t Shit

WTF87182 says:

That was smooth guys good job.. and posting her on youtube.. ouch!! lol

MacheteFrenzzy says:

yeah someone please post her number so we can get to the bottom of’her… er I mean “it” so we can get to the bottom of it… cus yeah this is fucked up, man.

hisqueen0724 says:

Lol her bad!

Omie1279 says:

ziada is a ho hahahahahahah. this is on the internet for the rest of her life. hahahaha

GiL MATiK says:

Ohhh but if he’s a DUDE then he’s a PLAYER right?

Demetreus Walton says:

hoe be on the low

Ty Wood says:

She lied herself into this one…too bad she couldn’t lie herself out! Can’t trust bitches, their weak.

OhRonE says:

Can’t say shit when they get caught just run away

SirRustles Jimmy says:

bitches be scheming i kid you not

Kexas3 says:

Good shit my dudes not fighting over dat chick fuck dat bitch lol…

couldvefoome26 says:


gir girl flores says:

she looks like a poodle lol

MisterMoonwalkerP21 says:

Lmao. Its embarrassing. She got busted

justice5897 says:

Lol and they say men are dogs

urmanao24 says:


Admetus Proteus says:

stupid whore

Admetus Proteus says:


ThyCrimsonReaper says:

deform inbred

ExistResurge says:


irvgaddi21 says:

The brother punches soft AF, the guy just sat there like it was nothing. I’d beat his sister and dare him to try that shit with me. White knights get no respect.

Tyler Burton says:

shes probably as civilized as some racist bitch hiding behind their computer screen

Don Cherry says:

the fuck you mean “thug”?? more like a real brother smashing that ape

raul campos says:

got props for the big brother.

supercarnage26 says:

He wouldn’t have walked out that house if it was my sister

Matthew Vasquez says:

Both guy clearly don’t know how to fight

Matthew Vasquez says:

That was weak

Bebita Sama says:

this guy deserve’s the highest of fives :-)

KnightOfChivalry says:

lol Good! but next time use a belt or a horse whip when ever you beat him. Scum bags who abuse girls/women don’t deserve to even be treated like humans.

KnightOfChivalry says:

I wish I was there to help you injure him even more.

KnightOfChivalry says:

He sure doesn’t act like any thug, he defends women’s honor like he’s some sort of old fashioned gentleman.

He’s no gangster or thug, he’s a good person who deserves respect for beating the shit out of low class scum who bully girls/women.

amyes15 says:

for what tho? it’s not like your whopping your kids. your fighting someone. there is millions of fights on youtube and worldstar

4450012 says:

i wouldnt if my sister was filming me and then puttin the net thats incriminating evidence , that means i would be going to jail if anyone see the video think about

amyes15 says:

shit i would have did the same thing

WestCoastGarage says:

I know I agree 100% but I just don’t like that, my opinon. But he is in fault and dwseves his ass whooped

Victoria Farris says:

Ughh no! The guy who he’s beatin’ up is a pussy!
Unless she came at him swingin’ then he has no right to lay his hand on any female!

mbtheboss97 says:

I swear if anybody ever hits my sister i will not be held responsible for my actions

Jc Jones says:

respect bro, i woulda done a lot worse if anybody eva laid a hand on my sister

conorduncan1234 says:

Hes not crazy id do the same with a bat to

Dtowntone313 says:

as far as im concerned everyone in dat house is ignorant the bf a hoe ass nigga for beating on females and being a crip and the brother is too for being a blood so we got one grown hoe ass nigga dat wanna hit females but at da same time we got 2 grown ass niggas involved in gang life one crip one blood smh

Rob Money says:

Didn’t you just say, and I quote, “shut up fag, u know u wouldnt do shit. Real g’s move in silence and u is all talk”. Well since your not moving in silence….

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