Girl Talk: Thongs

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Hey all, I hope you guys enjoy this video! If you have anything to add then make sure to comment and help each other out!! Also, since you’re asking, my shir…

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DieSteinklee says:

So you decided to advertise? Nice try.

lyric lyn says:

do a video on how to not be embarrassed on buying feminine products

Kennedy Compton says:

yeaast infection no lace lol

Chuda Shrestha says:

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Mascara283 says:

Ew sicko!

Yogurtz1 says:

you sound & look like victoria justice

ayekid rauhl says:

more like victoria’s sister maddie.

Glynis Ward says:

i think so to

muhammad mushtaq says:

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Annie Li says:


thefirstladyjonas says:

I can agree completely with you about underwear lines.

Rhylae J says:

You can honestly wear them at any age! Its just whenever your mom will let you

Nightwing07blue says:

You look like victoria justice!

alyssa t. says:

crazy story, my mom found my thongs and she threw them away. crazy i know. i ended up making her pay me back and told her not to throw my stuff away.

Jazz Richardson says:

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maniac trollersup says:

what size is your waist?

rishi badal says:

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Jessica Rojas says:

I love this video

xGlamourInflictedx says:

all girls are supposed to wear panties

carstinaxx says:

Hey Lovies!

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bella hunter says:

I have my period in scred

Emily Santorelli says:

pls look at my draw my life video i just made a youtube account ilysm

Josh Ross says:

My sister told me to look this up

maddy7200 says:


Sarah Jackson says:

I got my first thongs when I was 22, lol. I love them. It really helped with my confidence. : )

Harmony Lovexoxo says:

ok for the ppl who are bitching sayin this is inappropriate for her just shut up because obviously she doesn’t care and neither should you, its not like ur gonna make a damn difference in her life so stop all ur whining….and in my opinion ITS JUST UNDERWEAR THAT GOES UNDER YOUR PANTS AND ITS NOT LIKE ANYONE IS GOING TO SEE IT!!!!

krnibi says:

This girl is hilarious dam ur hot!!! Lol classic

Sarah Faso says:

What’s wrong with thongs like really they’re under your cloths there’s nothing wrong the only person that will be or SHOULD be seeing your underwear (at that young age) should be YOU.

Jessica Elizondo says:

I’m sorry you think so.But some of us like to wear them like pants.

bubblesgonecrazy says:

Its honestly comfort and looks and they are both better when your wearing a thong

JustABitDemented says:

Ahem, Im a female. And Im allowed to exploit my opinion. Its a thing called Freedom of Speech. And all I was really saying was how ‘whorish’ it is for females to tell The world, ‘Hey everybody! Im wearin a thong!’ And Im turning 14 saying all of this.

TaigaLouise says:

i only read “what your mother didn’t tell you about…” i did NOT read “thongs” Dx eek! lol

kill4life1000 says:

Wow. I kind of want to punch you right now.

Women (including myself) should be able to wear whatever the FUCK they want without anyone else telling them that they look disgusting and look like a whore. AND REALLY. YOU’RE NOT GONNA BE LOOKING AT IT. YOU WON’T SEE OUR FUCKING UNDERWEAR SO WHY DO YOU CARE. GET LOST.

You are a sexist pig and I am bidding you goodbye.

TaigaLouise says:



JustABitDemented says:

Sexy this, sexy that. Any girl would LOVE to show off their dirty ass butt floss! It isnt sexy; its disgusting, ugh.

JustABitDemented says:

Why would somebody announce the fact that they wear butt floss online? Makes me think theres girls who want the wrong kind of attention.

C9P0I50N says:

Why am i watching this ?

Luka Beckett says:

I don’t know why I’m watching this, all I know is that it makes me feel old. I mean, I went through an “I love thongs” phase when I was about 15, made me feel grown up, then I grew out of it. Now I’m 23, don’t find them slutty or anything, but they’re rarely comfortable and they don’t make me feel sexy. I always think wearing leggings as trousers is kind of trashy too, so can’t say I’ve ever had this problem… seeing your arse crack isn’t going to make me feel much better than seeing underwear.

Anh Hoang says:

same here lol

Yana Wheeler says:

I love thongs. I shop at vs all the time for thongs. lol. they are cute.

Liam Docherty says:

Sisqo Approves.


mayagold10 says:

funny that a teenager (so it seem) is lecturing about this issues.. 

garrettlane86 says:

you need to iron your underwear! i don’t wanna see no wrinkly panties!!!!

DKVakser says:

im a fifteen years old boy and i waer them:-*

GunplaSamurai says:

shes in denial…since this vid posted shes had 2 kids

Emmie Melendez says:

you look exactly like my sister, literely

LOLMinecraftFail says:


ipissed says:

Every time you fart on your thong an angel loses it’s wings.

TakoGeneral says:

How did I get her from a lyric video about “I know I’m a Wolf” o-o Otherwise good work using personal experience and everything was in order.. You’re adorable btw x3 Wait o-o I’m a dude and I saw this entire thing.. Why?! xD

Aleishia Pietrini says:

Thongs are like dental floss and they give u a permanent wedgie…. :/

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