Murrah High School Fight in Jackson,MS

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My sisters friend got into a Fight!

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1999spyro says:


DeedeeDiOvion says:

Hol up before yal go to talking bout black folks this and that , chantal was mixed with black so tf?

DeedeeDiOvion says:

Ayyyyeeeeee they was too turnt up at murrah.

Brookee Ingram says:

Neither one them can fight and it was funny af to see the girl hit the floor lmao

Raspectras says:

That’s sad. The profanity, lack guidance, lack of respect and out right stupid.

corey graves says:

O nvm she was saying time out my bad

corey graves says:

She was saying turn up

FoRmalMagic says:

Wtf theit is no timeouts in fights

Riley Rinard says:

Time out time out wtf

kingsking065 says:


ttgjoe2 says:

1400 Murrah

ynotoucher59 says:

Haha damn

Nicholas Whitfield says:

Turn down for what

Jordan Williams says:

Them damn flats were her worse enemy. No type of grip. But it’s sad we have to look to violence. Lol

sweetofme77 says:

Haha “Oooh Timeout!”

Dash21341 says:

The girl recording has a really cute laugh 33

nuffflavor says:

That ninja turtle was kickin some azz !

Cutte Hilary says:

Haha this shitt itts to damm funny !!!! :’D

Underground5150 says:

All of that grass and they end up in the mud. XD

chyna moore says:

that wack ass fight lol nobody was even amped up.

ladyylaughterz says:

her weave flew off OMG

swagarue96 says:

lol damn girl u make me miss that sku haha

eghe12345 says:

why did you guys fight

borrero363 says:

kaylaboo91 u wooped ass nicely done

XxKaylaboo916xX says:

HaHa Okay Im Bitch For Beatinq Her Ass

bstevens036 says:

Kayla a bitch

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