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Boxing: Lamont Peterson Talks Cotto vs. Margarito, Fighting Amir Khan, DC Hometown Advantage

Lamont Peterson talks to Luke Thomas of CBS Radio on 106.7 The Fan about his impending IBF and WBA light welterweight title fight with Amir Khan at Khan vs. …
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Headley Clubnobber says:

That last One waS a bitch of a shot. ReMinds me of RaiDers of the Lost Ark scene.

anthony wray says:


Aidan Ivison says:

why put a movie clip in here?

Philip Nguyen says:

Bracket guys always win :P

123king4life1 says:

Last guy did a sik superman punch dayym the other guy was like a real life Eddi form tekan lool

24youngnrecklesss says:

Damn straight

24youngnrecklesss says:

its from the movie never back down, I’m guessing someone recorded this without anyone knowing

merttugrul74 says:

Yes, last one was in the movie “the fighters”

Aaron Cooper says:

1st one was a accident so the boxer is a dick second to last was brilliant haha and last was of a film

steps3344 says:

I’d like to know where you got that angle of 2:21. It’s from a movie and I’ve watched that movie like 16times and I know there’s no angle in the actual move of that fight.

Andy Black says:

2:30 Indiana Jones…

YoungJustice69 says:

Best one out of there’s is this one 1:14 little one beats tall one LOL

erick019 says:

Wtf that tapout shirt didnt help him at all lol

onecoolphilly says:


nzingha jordan says:

2:37 funny as fuck

Dza Va says:

Those were the fuckin stinky gipsies… they only fight at least 2-3 against one person. Too scared to fight one on one… but this time it didnt work either…

smartchick789 says:

it has to be good, it came from a movie..

adam s says:

156 thats how u finish a fight!

nickgomez93 says:

Last one is from never back down

Alejandro Hernandez says:

The 2:01 like a boss.

bombardierislv says:

it is !

lookout2018 says:


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John Buckingham says:


LayneInChains1990 says:

Where is the last one from????

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