Top Twerk Songs of 2013 – 2014 ( Twerk Mix )

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Top TWERK Songs – The Best Twerk Party Mix Twerking Music Twerk Team Music.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

TOP Twerk Songs of 2012 !

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


ryanmohawkboi254 says:

The first song is called “shake it” by D-ray if that helped yall out

kwamE Bogans says:


Jordan Gibson says:

Can i get the names of these songs please

Isabel Henkes says:

WA is this song called?

cbwif34lif3 says:

bout time someone put up an actual good twerk mix.

Marie Diamond says:

its too the point where ima comment on every mix because it makes me mad that i dont know who singing these songs :( ! i wish u would put the artist and the title of the song

Rhianonlikesthis says:

hahahaha you’re great!

Elijah Brown says:

at the end yo bun was just a peice of hair

Lola Williams says:

lmao so funny

Kutiye Niycole says:

Thats my song my plies feet to the clelong

ThePrincess850 says:

lmao first video i ever seen of you but i subscribedddddd

aaliyahg69 says:


Kingmark619 says:

This shit still funny lol

KiDd Retroo says:

Biggest Fan I Love Indy

tahjanae gordon says:

U is,so funny

Angel Perez says:

GURL I need to talk to u imam big fan but I need to talk to u

Tenaejah Mcdougald says:

Is My Bun Fucked Up Lmfaoo (:

Kaysaa Rashay says:


MsSmexymama says:

no dumbass

janiah harris says:

DOES it freaking matter you watched the freaking video so you must like her voice ……

Tezz816 says:

Indy is the shit. she got love in KC!!!! KC to the Bay

Karii Lynn says:

I Love Her Persona. I fuck with it

Britney Harrell says:

Laugh out loud omm this girl is a Tripp

Cheyenne Chaikin says:

Yall Need To STFU Like Thats The Way She Talk Like O Wow Nd gone Head Gurl i think U Are Really Pretyy To Me asWell

Jason Rodriguez says:

this bitch always sounds luke she got the flu

Jaquaze Dix says:

#Weakkk funny doe

hillheavenly15 says:

She funny omm lol love yu

Sydney Mcgowan says:

she had me dieing!! she is too funny she made my night <3 ^.^

Marcus Watley says:

that her natural voice shut up

Kendell Jones says:

How you gon’ complain about her voice or the way she acts? You’re the one who “wasted” your time watching it. Gon’ hate on it, don’t watch it.

andreonna woods says:

i love tht song red nose and she going to shake like a red nose : D

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