WATCH THIS – Make That Ass Jump White Girl Twerking Fat Ass Whooty

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White girl TWERKING

Video Rating: 4 / 5


jordan beck says:

i think i might be jackin off

DaOne21KU says:

Get it

ianbaumberger10 says:

Woah she’s the best I’ve ever seen twerk

1nFiniteFate says:

She need to be in my music video!

Potlanski says:

That was awesome

jordan beck says:

hey you mind fucking my dick

Katiekatcubs says:

As a fellow whooty girl who can twerk I’m proud of you! Haters need to

jeff david says:

i been looking for something like you for a while ,,phat ass

bigdaddyruss23 says:

that ass is fat ass Hell

molly lee says:

the camera make her look like that she can dance though

eeducatedmomwalker says:

She killed it

angela bonner says:

She’s pretty grown for ya to be saying she needa be slapped by her mom . Stfu

angela bonner says:

She got a big booty so I call it big booty :o

gregpasch says:

U killn it whooty.

Eddy Loc says:

Damnn girl i love you.

SexCreater25 says:


Dante Guerrero says:

shut up carlton.

Marvin Barnes says:

damn u did your thang

Mike mcap says:

damn sit on my face

Jamall Robinson says:

I see you working though

Jamall Robinson says:

make one with you in your underwear

Sean Williams says:

All aboard, the lady got a loose caboose!

palaciios67 says:

Biggggg butty…
Goooo girl

JoJo Trs says:

Get dat shit!!!! Fat booty!

Andrefate12 says:

Lawd have mercy

Bj Rauder says:


tearinanicole says:

Nice body, cept 0:56 u see her face she look like the wicked witch of the west lol

nabokold says:

And she slaps it wen i can get it wet

nabokold says:

Holy shit damn i wonder wat she can do

mary davis says:

Her butt cheeks were clapping for her because no one else was

Léonie Gáva says:

Woah! jjoh4040 girls can do what ever the fuck they want on camera no mater what colour their skin is. What fucking decade are you from! Get your head out the sand you might like what you see! I’ve seen some white girls twerk better than black girls so don’t ever judge a person by their skin and say they can’t do something. What the fuck are you even here for if you don’t like it!

eatmyass562 says:

God dam!!!

123not123fair says:


Lauryn D says:

This old ass song

123not123fair says:

no she aint

JJoh4040 says:

half black or half latina

JJoh4040 says:

no haters on this page and plus our sistas get mad because white gorls that THINK they can twerk 98% of the time REALLY CAN’T and thats what irks them so much and also white girls have NO business twerkin on camera in the first place

michael gonzalez says:

Fap fap fap fap

BeautifulButLost says:

I’d bet money she’s a nigger lover

TheRomainz says:

No one forced you to click on the video. Not even worth insulting ya

anthony harden says:

Freaks add me on instagram its_beezy_whosflexn

sing2341 says:

Damn… go girl

tylerdopeboycarroll says:

Wow tht girl was slappin her pussy. Were they do tht at lol

joycelynmoa7 says:

Her face is ugly

Lola Blue says:

White trash.

JonnyTheMotherFucker says:

Got a boyfriend?

Tim Dwayne says:

DAMN I want dat

Jonathan Moran says:

Damn baby whats up

liljrow says:

4get what everybody say I enjoyed and I loved it. My wife is white ad can’t dance a lick and I like watching everything about a white girl. Where u from n e way white girl??

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